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Make a difference today.

Theatre artists in Kansas City deserve an equitable and accessible source of support and assitiance during times of need. You can help of continue to provide this by donating today. Your donation will help us provide:

  • Emergency Grants

  • Free Career Development

  • Food Assistance

  • Generative Arts Grants for Historically Underrepresented Creators

Coporate, Local, & National Support Provided By:

Thank You To Our Contributors

Theater League is a not-for-profit civic performing arts organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the communities it serves with the thrill of live! theater. Founded in 1976 by Mark Edelman, president of the organization, the League presented national tours of Broadway musicals and plays in Kansas City and cities around the country for forty-two years. TL produced the 1981 and 1983 seasons at Starlight Theatre and built the Quality Hill Playhouse in 1989. The organization supports theater companies in Kansas City and other communities and subsidizes student ticket sales thru its Theater ROcKs (Reach Out to Kids) educational program. 

Alan Tilson

Aleda Franz

Allison Ryan

Amanda Dawson

Amy Owen

Andrea Cole

Annie Black

B.H Cummings Trustee & E. Cummings Trustee

Bernard Shondell

Beth Zollars

Bev and Erik Elving 

Bill Christie

Brendan Martin

Bryan Colley

Carrie Lenahan

Catherine Larrison

Charles Lynn

Charles Lynn

Chloe' Robbins

Christine Morrison

Christopher Draven

Claire Jarman

David Marts

Dayna Meyer

Deanna Barron

Deborah Hull

Diana Pollock

Don Dagenais

Doug Kennedy

Erika Lane

Evan Gamsu

Geoff Smith

Heidi & Jon Gutknecht-Copeland

Jacqueline Washington

James F. Mitchell

James L. Abel

Jamie Appelbaum

Jamie Tyroler

Jana Liles

Jason Brace

Jason Tarwater

Jennifer Green

Jennifer Kiper

Jessica Salsbury

Jill Gillespie

John and Bernice Hamra Foundation

John Owen

John Wehrman

Johnda Boyce

John-Michael Zuerlein

Jon Copeland

Joseph Price

Julia Moriarty

Justin Mohn

Kaitlyn Jerome

Katherine Haugan

Kathleen Warfel

Kathryn Snyder

Kellie Bloxsom

Kelsea McLean

Keri Noerrlinger


Kevin Fewell

Korey Childs

Kristen Nieves

Lara Maerz

Laura Schwartz

Laura Trued

Linnaia McKenzie

Logan Ernstthal

Louis and Maureen Gilchrist

Margaret A Shelby

Mark Cederburg

Mark Exline

Mary Honour 

Meagan Flynn

MG Consulting

Michael Golliher

Michael Thayer

Michelle Johnson

Misha Davies

Mollie Alexander

Palmer Jankens

Pamela Slawson

Patrick Kling

Paul W. and Julie C. Ewing

Paula A Zurga

Olathe Civic Theatre Association  

Rebecca L Martin

Rebecca Smith

Robert and Beth Foulk

Robert Hallifax

Roberta Holt-Kipper

Ross Freese

Ryan Grove

Ryan Harp

Sabrina Veroczi

Sandra Clay

Shannon Regnier

Sharon Burns

Sophie Vick

Stacy and Bryan Kearney

Stasha Case

Stephanie Demaree

Steven Givens

Stuart Carden

Susan Johnson

Ted Swetz

The City of Fountains Sisters

Tobias Fritz

Tosin Morohunfola

Trevor Martin

Tyler Mullen

Victoria Frank

Willa Ayres

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