TCF Food Bank
Drop Off Day is back!! For almost a year we had weekly drop off hours at The Unicorn Theatre, who generously hosted our food bank for many months. Now, Drop Off day is back, this time at The Arts Asylum, via the back lot between 8th st and 9th st on Harrison. Here are our current needs, please, if you can, come by with any of these items. Anything you give will have a huge impact on KC families in need.
If you need assistance please fill out our Request Form to get help TODAY! The TCF Food Bank is available to any theatre artist and is there for our community when you need a helping hand with groceries, toiletries, household items, and pet needs. TCF aims to take the stigma out of needing help, so don't worry about requests. TCF is here for YOU! Contact us now and receive the help you deserve. 

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