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Upcoming June Master Class:


 Nathan Darrow and The Art of Chekhov

June 5th and June 12th

Two hour Sessions

Starting at 4:00 PM

The sessions will be given to analysis of the text of Uncle Vanya for circumstances, action, events, character, etc. We will be strongly led by work Nathan has done, in studio, over the last several years, with Slava Dolgachev on Chekhov’s major plays.

Along with our analysis we will make very relaxed and easy tries at playing selected scenes/monologues in the manner of table work/first week of a rehearsal process.

The participants may have any range of experience — from none to vast — re: acting, knowledge of Chekhov’s plays, etc.. Everyone, however, will work on the material as an actor.



June 5th and June 12th, 2021

This class is at capacity.