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Theatre Community  Fund
Of Kansas City

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The mission and purpose of the Theatre Community Fund of Kansas City (TCF) is to support all theatre artists, technicians, and supporting staff in times of financial distress or hardship with volunteer support, food bank donations, and direct financial relief. TCF is a 501(c)3 non-profit established in October 2020. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Community is the pillar of the organization, and a key word of the organization’s name. The Theatre Community Fund of Kansas City strives to be inclusive of all individuals. TCF stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We work in line with - and hope to exceed, guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act, recognizing and accommodating seen and unseen disabilities into our work.


TCF Food Bank
The TCF Food Bank is available to any theatre artist and is there for our community when you need a helping hand with groceries, toiletries, household items, and pet needs. TCF aims to take the stigma out of needing help, so don't worry about requests. TCF is here for YOU! Contact us now and receive the help you deserve. 


Volunteer Ensemble 
The Ensemble is a volunteer hub for The Theatre Community Fund of KC. Many folks have already given so much support in our efforts to help our community; this is a way to centralize and direct the beautiful ways Kansas City theatre people show up to help our fellow arts colleagues.


"I almost didn't reach out for help, and I hope no one else feels that way. Ever. People want to give help when they can and because of the Fund, and the Community behind it, my days and budget are easier to manage."

Philip "Blue Owl" Hooser